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Best social media websites and its features



The first prim thing is to understand what the social media is. It is nothing but simply an interaction among the people and ideas virtual communities and network. It is a internet bases applications that build ideological and technological foundation of web, allowing creation and exchanging of user bases knowledge. Together with this content social media depend on web based and mobile technologies, creating highly interactive platform through which individuals and communities share, cooperate, discuss, and modify the self generated content. All they are to bring substantial and pervasive changes to parting their knowledge between the end user like individuals, communities, and organizations.

The most important function of a good user interface is to provide users with a palpably mapping between user’s goal and application’s function that manages to provide a solution to the given task. Principally, user interface spells the way people act together with a site and the way users can access its functions. We will try to discuss significant features, techniques and concepts behind these designs and explains as to why they are vital, with examples from top sites. These easy and general usability strategies may be applied to almost anywhere and to almost any type of user interface.

Before going further in detail the specifics of the user interface, it’s rather important to point out the fact that simplicity in user interface is a mutual characteristic of social media and networking websites. No doubt social media websites are rather simple in terms of color theme and graphics. The color theme as a rule consists of a few colors along with slight monochromatic variations; the background is generally white, updates are often decorated with a light color as well.

Probably you must have noticed that graphics are always very simple and are used very carefully. There are multiple reasons for this. The most significant reason is the simple fact that vivid visual design isn’t really useful on social networking sites. Social applications are required to provide a shared environment where the content can be easily shaped and where conversations can take place – a strong visual design would create unnecessary noise and build it harder for users to focus on their conversations.

It is true good search functionality is undoubtedly the high point of good usability and good user interface. In the social media search functionality is a must – simply because of the fact there are vast amount of available information. The search has multiple dimensions: apart from the social applications, traditional content search, also provide an advanced search of connections in the social graph –groups, communities or interests.

A common feature in social applications is the use of live search results and filtering. When you type or enter your data into the box, the results get filtered out in a drop-down style. The filtering normally helps users to rapidly find the content they are searching for and get rid of any content that isn’t relevant to them.