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Broken Age Act 1 best adventurous game for kids

According to the recent survey of market we came to know that Broken age Act 1 is one of the best rated game from users, though this is not a high animated or graphical game. As per rating this amazing game achieved 9.5 ratings and beat many other big and highly graphical games. It is clear from this review that, people loves the story and creativity behind any game rather than graphics. So we have decided to discuss the storyline and features of this game. This is the upcoming game in the market and will going to release on January 28th 2014, the developers and publishers of this game is same and which is Double fine productions.


Going inside the story of this game, this is categorized under adventure game and telling the story of a young boy and girls who are leading parallel lives. The girl was belong to village and has been chosen to sacrifice in front of a terrible monster but she is a brave and confident girl and decided to fight with monsters for the sake of her live. On the other side there is a boy who is living a solitary life and presently on spaceship under the supervision of her motherly computer but the boy wants to live a free life and want to explore the world, the nature of the boy is adventurous and aims to do innovative things which is full of joy. This is the main story behind this game which makes people mad, because it is something different and the execution of this game is brilliant with least violence like in other games mostly adventurous games.

This is basically an adventure game which is filled with unforgettable characters and incredible puzzles beside all these you will explore a new and wonderful world which will surely enhance your joy while playing. Broken Age Act 1 is the great reminder for those who love adventure then it could be wrong, it has lot of amazing features which will surely makes you connect with this game. The name and the outer appearance of this game are not attractive but people loved it when they played it, there are lots of tricks and tactics which will raise your goose pumps when you play. There are varieties of Island which like Monkey Island, Day of the tentacle which elegantly designs with amazing aesthetics.

According to my personal review this upcoming games will break many records, because before its release it achieve 9.5 score out of 10 this means people loved the trailer of this game and wants to play when it will launch. It is quite expected that, at the day one a huge crowd will be present on its launch. If you know the venue and launching date then you must visit at that day and enjoy the life demo of this game. So if you love this story and it belongs to your nature then you must play this game.