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How to clean touch screen of your smart phone

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It has always been seen like me and the people, who do not believe in cleaning, normally get lazy and often gets pile up the files and other related thing on the table or a desk over several months; one additional item that is often overlooked and do not catch eye in conjunction with organizing your desk is cleaning your electronic gadgets. In spite of this, we do not want our reader should follow this lethargy attitude or be victim of it especially in regard to cleaning of electronic gadget. We have also been taught right from our tender ages that cleaning is a part of our faith. We will try to concentrate our discussion here on how to clean touch screen of your phone.

It is true cleaning your desk electronic should occur weekly for many of devices used every day. There is no doubt regular cleaning may reduce the spreading germs the area where you normally keep your phone and other electronic things. It is believed electronics items like your computer screen, mobile phone, and laptop are great place for germs to survive. Better manage your time and keep clean these electronics properly with microfiber cleaner or duster. Here are some means and method for cleaning touch screen of your touchscreen phone.

  • Read carefully the manual and suggestion mentioned therein and follow it accordingly while cleaning your device. Your device must have some coating got giving a better look. You are supposed to take care of at the time of cleaning of your phone else there is a chance that this coating may turn to a dull posture.
  • Mostly you don’t even need any chemical, just some good old fashioned T shirt like a microfiber cloth. The cloth you using for cleaning your glasses will be suffice. If you’re really worried about it better way you can blast the screen first with canned air like we do our camera lenses.
  • As we did mention above, a microfiber cloth, dry or damp, will often take care of this problem. If your device doesn’t have a special coating, there is a chance you may create many of the device cleaners at home with water and a little white vinegar, alcohol, a gentle detergent,. You can even make your own wipes; but keep yourself away using the heavier stuff like bleach and ammonia.
  • Try to make sure your device is off before starting cleaning work on the screen.
  • Better keep the touchscreen cleaning cloth in good, clean condition. ┬áIt is advisable to wash regularly to remove build-up of grime from the screen.
  • If you do not find a microfiber cloth and the cleaning can’t wait, a cotton cloth or corner of a T shirt will do in a pinch.
  • It is worth purchasing a protect guard to protect the touchscreen from scratches It is some sort a layer of film that protects the screen from the scratches that occur from everyday use.
  • If possible you can have a case for your device to prevent bumping, scratching and prints from happening.