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How to Find hidden cameras in market

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Before going further into detail, we like one should know first, what is hidden camera? There are so many different types of camera available in the market that the definition would be limited to any camera that records video or still images in such a way that an ordinary person wouldn’t notice the camera.  This may be as simple as a standard video camera setting up behind a few tree limbs. Today our discussion is also limited to how to find hidden cameras in the market.

The purpose of this piece of writing is to explore the different types of hidden cameras available today in the market, making our reader to have some additional knowledge likely to possibly recognize and/or identify the one with additional exploration. The one has to find out first the area where he could possibly hide the camera. Quite obvious anywhere!  A badge on a jacket or a pack of cigarettes could house the lens of camera.  With technology continuously reducing the size of electronics, cameras now are present that are small enough to fit on the end of your thumbnail.

If you have spidey senses tingling out while walking down the street, and you just have an idea you’re being watched? These days, you are probably having the right quality—spy cams you will find at everywhere, and more are being added every day. You are probably wondering how to find those hidden cameras so that you can guard your well-being as well as your confidentiality. We are giving below some tips or some guide line through which you can have some idea if your being watched or not.

  • Make an effort locating possible places that hidden cameras can be fixed in a personal residence or market area. Start in logical places such as in the corner of a cabinet, in the switching area, or especially near valuable items.
  • It is believed that the Common items to have video cameras hidden in them including books, smoke detectors, desk plants, house plants, tissue boxes, and electrical outlets.
  • Always try to check for cameras in less conspicuous items as well. These may include, air filter equipment, a gymbag, DVD cases, a purse, lava lamps, eye glasses, buttons or a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Try to survey the area and locate for a little hole, somewhere on the side facing wall or ceiling of the compartment.
  • Try to look for mirrors that seem to have no reason to be there.
  • Normally the areas that would offer the best field of vision. This is usually higher up on mast or buildings or in open areas without obstructions.
  • Always try to look for glass or plastic domes, mostly tinted ones. Public cameras are normally found behind protecting shields. Chances are if it’s in front of the room, and is either mirrored or transparent, there’s a camera behind it.
  • Better you purchase and use hidden camera detector to perform a sweep of the room or the place you are searching.