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The Launch is Complete. What does BBM Go From Here?


BBM is one of the top most messengers in the market these days. While it seems that the Black Berry Messenger (BBM) is not going to be immediately as popular as such systems as Facebook chat or Google Hangouts, there is obviously great interest in its release. This was shown by the fact that when it was released, so many people were trying to download it at once that Blackberry had to institute a queue system.

When you look at the pros and cons of the new BBM system, one of the downsides of the messenger is that you can have one PIN on only one device, which can make things a bit frustrating. So, say for example, you have an Android phone and would also like to install the messenger on your iPad; you are out of luck if you would like to view the messages on both devices.

On the upside the app did ask for Facebook friends to download as well, so the potential for a viral campaign is possible as well. This is not to say that this should be Blackberry’s only marketing technique as many people did pre-register their email address with the company before the release. To not take advantage of this niche would not be just ill-advised it would be just plain foolish. At this point BlackBerry should be taking the benefit of any and all advantageous advertising they can get, should that be email lists, PR campaigns or even word of mouth. At this point, BBM can’t afford to lose even one potential user if they plan to monetize their app.

Blackberry’s leading competitor, WhatsApp with over 200 million users is going to be their biggest obstacle and how BlackBerry deals with this obstacle may determine BBMs future. A few things that WhatsApp has over BBM is the chat window, in the WhatsApp program window will show you the last message sent to you from your friend where BBM will not show you this. Another issue with BBM over WhatsApp is the emoticons. Emoticons are becoming their own language and WhatsApp has a whole world more than BBM does. File sharing is another thing that BBM may need to look into upgrading or improving in the 2.0 version if they plan on competing with WhatsApp, as WhatsApp can do most file sharing directly from the chat window, where BBM is much more labor intensive.

In essence, the BBM developers have some work to do in the future. With roughly 60 million users thus far, if they are even going to come close to competing with WhatsApp, they need to break that 100 million marks and fast. They have to do some major improvements to their software to even be in the running. There are a whole lot of bugs to work out, but the good news is that there is a lot of room for improvement.