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Reveal the most popular sport game in the market


FIFA 14 is one of the most popular games in the market these days, according to the survey it is one of the most demanding game in the market. Electronic Arts or EA is the developers of this game; on 2013 September this game was launched. Soccer is one of the famous sports throughout the world this is the main reason for popularity of FIFA, in this version you will enjoy the real emotions and graphics side by side with these thrill and tension makes you anxious while playing this game. In this version there are varieties of matches with several types of awards matches, for this version you must have 2.4GHZ processor and 2GB RAM in your computer so that you will enjoy entertainment at its best. If you have not played this game then do try this version if you are football lover.



Every game has its own worth and specialty but to be honest FIFA is something different and comprises of unique features. In this version you can avail variety of advance features so that you can enjoy the real fun of playing soccer. The shot are more precise, accurate and player takes time and adjusts himself to give their best shot. Real ball design give you more and more feel so that, you could involve in the game. It has real drama, fun and lot of thrill which makes your time valuable. Last but not the least, graphics of the game is inexpressible and impressive, you need Geforce 8800 256MB card to run thins game in your computer. This is not the end about the specialty of game but we left for you to experience the fun when you will play.


This is the latest launch in the market of games, so we are unable to find some valuable cheat which will provide an ease while playing. In future we will surely upload valuable cheats for you, so stay connected with us.


According to my opinion, this is one of best and attention seeking game in the market these days. To be honest I am big fan of FIFA and this version is really amazing, it has lot of advance features which will surely amazed you when you will play. The technique of playing, different kind of shots, drama, thrill and real fun will makes you stick with this game and you d not want to switch of. I just recently played this game because due to popularity it is not easily available over the internet, honestly speaking I am shocked about it features and most importantly graphics, the picture quality is closest to reality. The developers and producers worked hard to produce such a high quality graphics game. According to my opinion it will get maximum marks when we took survey, so if you have not played yet then do play this game to enjoy the real entertainment.