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How to Speed up Torrent Speed without any External App

There are many different ways by which you can speed up the download speed of your torrent file. It all depends upon how clear you are in your concepts about the different terms involved in torrent download like (seeders, peers, lechers etc.). By having general information about these terms and knowing how to apply limits to these values you can speed up your torrent.


Get a faster connection:

The first logical step is to improve the speed of your internet connection. If your internet connection is too slow then you should try some broadband network with a better speed. There is no rocket science in it. Improving your internet connection speed will speed up your torrent download speed. Also, while downloading torrents, avoid browsing to sites with videos on them. Videos slow down your downloading speed considerably. Another logical thing is to attach only one computer to your router at one time. When you attach multiple computers then the speed is distributed among them. Turn off the Wi-Fi of your mobile/s for time being so that there is no other device attached to your router except your computer.

Choose top ranked torrent clients:

To improve the download speed of torrents you should try better torrent clients. PC magazine (PC mag) suggests U-torrent and Vuze as some better torrent clients. You should download and deduce the result by hit and trial method that which client is working better in your area.

The more the seeders and peers, the faster is the download speed:

Selecting the torrent link is the main thing to be considered when you want a better downloading speed. Select a link that has more number of seeders and peers. Seeders are those people that have already downloaded the complete file and now they are letting it to upload. Peers are people like you who are both downloading and uploading the file at the same time. More the number of seeders and peers, better will be the download speed of your torrent.

Make sure your torrent client is not blocked by firewall:

Another thing that is known to improve download speed considerably in some cases is unblocking the BitTorrent client from your firewall. This allows all the connections to be made with the server properly hence allowing better download speed. There are some popular torrents that are being downloaded by a lot of people at the same time. This makes the server heavy and results in a slower downloading speed. In such case you should try using a different port to download. Most torrents are available at different ports. Try a port greater than 1000. They are usually less busy and allow you a better downloading speed.

You can also apply limits on peers to manage the amount of data that you are uploading. For this purpose go to preferences and then to bandwidth tab. limit the maximum number of peers to round about 70 so that you don’t have peers more than that. Also limit the number of uploads per torrent. This will allow less peers to download from you. In this way you will not be uploading a lot of data and hence your download speed will improve.