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Things to consider before purchasing mobile



Mobile phone is considered to be a new gadget of the modern era. Introduction of variable design and features, along with its up gradation on daily basis, made the people upset and confused  as to how they are to proceed and what features and factors they are take under consideration at the time of purchasing a mobile. It is a big dilemma, when choice is open, a verity of artistic designs and colours are available, multifarious makes and models and its upcoming features alluring you; under this situation you find yourself in some awkward position and fails to select the correct one. It has now become a tricky job, and we believe, in the near future we all have to get some training in regard to keeping ourselves well conversant with new and incoming technique and features of the mobile phone. Keeping in view the situation, we are jotting down the things to consider before purchasing mobile phone.

  • Megapixels

Megapixels are one of the important factors while selecting camera. If it has more pixel value, the output will have more clear and larger in sizes without compromising its quality. If it has less pixel value the case will be reverse.

·         Internal Memory

Internal memory is also significant while considering purchase of camera phone. If you really intends to take a lot of photos using a high-megapixel camera phone, make sure you must have a lot of memory space for accommodating the large photos. If the internal memory is not enough, you will have to have some additional memory.

  • Lens

As you all are aware lenses play an important role in camera phone. It helps capturing what is being seen by the human eye as accurately as possible by refracting light so the image sensor may process it. If a camera cannot the object, it is obviously the camera cannot have a good picture.

  • Image Sensors

Image sensor is a devise that is responsible for capturing light, analyzing with the surrounding, and converting it electronic signal. Good sensor has always been found in larger in size; but for limitation of space it has been developed small in size to cater and placement within mobile phone. CMOS sensor is considered to be good for mobile because of less power, easy to manufacture and cheaper in price.


  • Flash

Normally camera phones churn out great photos when there is enough light. While taking photos in places with no light can be a big problem if camera does not have flash light. Normally it is seen camera is equipped with single and dual LED flash.

  • Battery

If you have bunch of function in your mobile; for driving it out you will have to have good battery as well, else you will keep facing battery problem.

·        Camera Phone Brands

More often than not, all it takes to purchase a camera phone is a quick walk to the nearest retail store. Among the popular camera phone brands out there today are Nokia Samsung, BlackBerry, Sony Eric, App, and Motorola,

Screen Size

Always keep in mind that bigger screen is not always preferred, as bigger display consume more energy and likely your battery will consume more frequently.

  • Screen Quality 

The LCD and AMOLED are considered to the best.