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Tips to avoid mistakes in social media marketing


It has always been seen that the social media provides you a great way of having your product noticed and enhancing your sale volume. You can’t even imagine and visualize to the degree of it correctness, what great social media is and how does it leave an impact to the social media community. Studies show over 52% social markets clients are linked from Facebook. This platform is considered to be a good tool for getting your product famous and making your company known to everyone.

If you have one of your businesses and tried a lot getting your product fame in the social media and failed to have its correct impact; it might be due to some common mistakes that you made in the social media realm. Now you are to think over time and again what are those things which compelled you to move towards failure?  We are giving you some tips of mistakes which normally people make carrying out media marketing campaign. Better you to avoid these things while campaign your product.

  • Better you analyze and figure out which outlet Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn your targeted audience use most often. Try to put some target effort into the social media sites that your audience is most active on.
  • All you have to do with some planning and strategy. Putting your advertisement randomly on Facebook along with other site in a blue moon, does not make any sense; and you will not be able to have proper result. Try figure out exactly how many times a week you should post and what time you should post. Be reliable and stick with your plan.
  • Social media is nothing but an interaction platform. Build your mind set up not to ignore your friends and followers. If they put questions then respond them and if they comment on your posts then observe back. Post surveys and have contests on your page to connect potential customers.
  • Normally people start with social media marketing and after a few weeks with no results they sit idle and give up. You are not supposed to be fed up, keep on trying continuously without losing your patience. May be you have 10 friends in the start, but continue to post and interact and you will see a steady increase in that number.
  • It has always been noticed people love pictures, image and cartoon. While scrolling down a newsfeed an image is more likely to catch your customer’s attention than a long paragraph with no images.
  • People believe that you are a professional business man; you are not supposed to do any mistake in English. So use spell check and proper grammar in all of your posts and advertisement! Shorter posts are more popular on social media.