It is predicted that by 2015 Tablets would become so popular so that they’re surpass both desktops and laptops. They are versatile enough for work and play. They are portable enough to take anywhere, and thanks to an ever-growing roster of apps. With so many models available, choosing the top tablet comes down to your needs and budget. As Android phones and tablets popularity increases, the number of apps offered has rocketed as well. That means more free Android games. A lot of junk is found out there but, fortunately, there are gems among the junk. We’ve worked our way through a whole load in one piece to find the Top Tablets for games while looking for a device this is ideal to play games but also easy to use and affordable on the pocket.


Any one of the mentioned tablet will give you an excellent Android experience, and, when combined with the right game, will allow you to enjoy your time when pretending to help your girl get the prefect dress.

In random order is our choice of best 5 tablets for Android games available.

1. Apple iPad

The fourth-generation iPad offers buyers with two things the competition can’t match: a class-leading Retina Display and more than 300,000 apps, read Andoid games. The iPad’s panel offers the best mixture of color, brightness and contrast. Its powerful processor is ready to run from console-quality games and photo- and video-editing tools to robust office suites. A wide range of accessories just sweetens the deal.

Apple ipad mini

While its 8-inch screen doesn’t gives the highest pixel density on the market but the iPad mini is in or list because of its long battery life, light weight and wide selection of content. And you can choose from Apple’s extensive library of high-end games.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z

It is the lightest and thinnest tablet so far. It is one of the sleekest designs Tablet Sony has ever created. Just as remarkable and awesome is the fact you can submerge and even splash the Tablet Z and it will keep on going. Its other highlights are built-in TV remote along with one of the richest full HD displays we’ve seen. Strong battery life and snappy performance make gamers a happy man.

Fuhu Nabi 2

It is considered best Tablet for kids. It offers robust parental controls on the market along with a drop-safe bumper. It has a fast Tegra 3 processor with more than 8 hours battery life. Also allowing you to set up profiles for kids as well as limit the apps and content they access. More importantly, it offers gives easy access to education apps for grades K-5 and a wide selection of kid-friendly videos.

Google Nexus 7

Google by producing Nexus 7 delivers wholesome Android 4.3 goodness along with long battery life, fast quad-core performance and one of the awesome screens on the market. The 7-inch display 1920 x 1200 is eye-poppingly beautiful and colorful from any angle without image imagined. Allowing us to create child-friendly restricted profiles for the first time while it battery can lasts over  8 hours on a charge.